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About Us

Headz Up Business

Headz Up Business, delivers business support and company growth focusing on following areas: Digital, Social Selling, Social Media, Technology and Women in Business. We offer a wide range of business support through offline, online activities including workshops, networking events, conferences and expos.

The Women in Business, events comprise of:

International Women’s Day

We have hosted International Women’s Day, which consists of a conference with number of women inspirational keynote speakers, providing attendees all stages, levels of business opportunities to network with other like-minded business women. The ethos of the event is ‘women Inspiring women,’ actively encouraging, motivating, inspiring business growth by learning, sharing business success and networking with other like-minded, entrepreneurial ladies. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in sponsoring or getting involved in the next event.

The Women In Business Expos

There has been a rapid rise of women setting up businesses over the last few years. Largely helped by easy access to online marketing, promotion through social media and lower risks due to technological advances. We have seen numbers double over the last few years. The Women in Business Expo, takes place annually, attracts women decision makers, SME’s professionals, city corporates and start-up entrepreneurs from across the UK. Part of the expo includes an inspirational ‘Business Fashion- Run Way’ feature on which we have designers, speakers, business celebrities all ready to boost ladies confidence, provide the latest business information and help support success with raising the profile of women businesses. If you are interested in marketing your business to this audience or would like to get involved please email us: enquiries@headzupbusiness.co.uk

The Social Media Events Consist of

Social Media Marketing Conference: Social Media Marketing is now at the top of the list in daily activities with generating leads, converting customers, building a brand reputation and getting the edge with competition. With over 80% companies reporting an increase in traffic to websites just through social activities alone!

Headz Up Business organised the first Social Media Marketing Conference in 2012 . The event which is dedicated in bringing the latest techniques and current practices by no.1 social media experts to businesses. Providing an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and walk away with all the knowledge and insights you require to implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

Digital, Sales, Marketing & Technology Expo was launched in 2014. An expo focused to help connect you with the experts on increasing your online and offline sales and marketing strategies. It offers an opportunity for you to meet suppliers that can increase your brand and for you to learn about the latest digital technology for business.

Digital, Sales, Marketing & Technology:


Headz Up Business organised the first Social Media Marketing Conference in 2012 and annually holds the event which consists of a number of Social Media Experts sharing the latest techniques. We added Digital, Sales, Marketing & Technology Expo to the portfolio in 2014, this event consists of a selected Q & A panel of experts and an Exhibition Area.

We have to date attracted hundreds of SME’s, manufacturer’s, educational institutions and start up entrepreneurs to our business events.

Biography and Profile

about-img2Pushpa Alexander is the founder, host, promoter and Trainer for Headz Up Business Events. Pushpa is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, award-winning event organisor with a proven record of hosting successful SOLD OUT events on digital, social media marketing and women in business events.

Pushpa Alexander, has a strong sales and marketing background, with over 25yrs experience within the Exhibition industry with B2C & B2B Trade Shows.

Pushpa Alexander offers extensive experience in hosting, promoting, networking and running events.

about-img3(from right to left Pushpa Alexander, Ian Brookfield Mayor of Wolverhampton, and Headz Up Business Team)

Over the years Pushpa Alexander has built a respectable reputation offline and online as the go to person, Pushpa through her company Headz Up Business has brought together a line-up of some of the most respected experts Internationally and within the UK in digital, social media, marketing to create memorable events which provide result driven practical support for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Headz Up Business, is a great example of how you can grow your brand, market, sell your services, products and achieve success with these powerful and often underestimated social media platforms. I wanted to hold events for business owners, to share the latest knowledge, present expertise within digital, sales, marketing and show how you could benefit from the latest marketing tools.

In my early 20’s, I studied Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology at Hull University, and gained an insight, an understanding into the changing roles for women within the family, and in-particular ‘women and work’. I understood the challenges that work presented to many women, young ladies, professionals throughout their careers. The barriers, challenges in business I firmly believe will only begin to break down by, ‘women inspiring women.’ So through the events, and the online activities, I hope to motivate, encourage and support ladies from all backgrounds and industries.

As a mum to 3 children, I started my business when my children were very young, aged only 3yrs, 2yrs and 9 months. By utilising my extensive background within events, I decided to put on dedicated, focused events for women to showcase the enormous talent, skills and highlight some of the amazing business women out there.

The way we do business, generating leads is changing, technology is giving many of us access to reach our audience, in a much more productive, smarter, more flexible way of working to suite our lifestyles. Headz Up Business through the power of focused events within the chosen niche areas is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

Awards & Accolades

If you would like to get in touch with us direct please feel free to contact me.