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Details: Event Management Services

Details: Event Management Services

Event Management Services:



Are you looking to put on an event and do not know where to start? As experienced event organisor’s with over 25yrs in the event industry we know how daunting it can be and the many stresses and pressures leading up to an event. We can produce events that inspire, motivate, move and create memorable experiences.

Headz Up Business can provide the following to help organise, support your event and ensure it’s a huge success:
Project Management: From concept right through to delivery, we look forward to working with you and involving our experienced team to deliver events to your specification.

Headz Up Business Contacts: We have a good reputation for delivering ‘great event experience’. We have an excellent reputation for good turnouts at events. Whether it’s a VIP launch, or an event you need to invite your targeted audience, we can help source your ideal guest putting together an  influencer list.
Audio Visual, Screens, Presentation, Runways, Staging: We have trusted, reliable suppliers we have worked with for many years that we can hire for your event.

Venue, Catering, Table Decorations, Entertainment, Speaker Sourcing, Event Staffing: With our varied  connections within the event industry we can find the ideal venue, catering and entertainment, alcohol bars, ‘magic mirrors’ for your event which can be tailored to your budget.

Coverage of the Event: We have great relationships with suppliers of videography, photography and social media managers and can ensure that your event receives the best coverage. The event is going to be seen by thousands and needs the very best professionals who will pay every attention to get the shots you need.

Marketing of Your Event, Creative development and Design: Whether it’s brands awareness, raising your profile or part of your business growth plans, we can offer support to your event by promoting it to our contacts including   via social media channels. Facebook, Linkedin  and Twitter. (This will be discussed in more detail at consultation/planning stages.)

Summary of what we offer:

From the concept stages to the final, post delivery, we can provide the following:

• Initial conversation to find out aims of the event and target audience.

• Advice and suggestions on suitable venues.

• We can select, invite anything from 10 to over 100 business delegates.

• Marketing strategies to promote your event.

• Plan, create advertising and distribution campaigns.

Utilising our contacts and working with our partners we can offer the following:

• Screen projectors.

• Twitter walls & social media management.

• Videography.

• Photography.

• Sound & Lighting.

• Fashion Runways, Staging.

• Source models, registration.

• Source branded, gift promotions.

• Entertainment, special add on’s to make an event memorable.

From beginning to the end the service we provide is of a high standard. If there is anything you have in mind and it is not listed above, with our extensive contacts in the industry we are confident we can make it happen.  Interested in the above service please email us in the first instance with outline of your requirements and budget.

*Our standard terms and conditions apply.