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Details: Face-to-Face Networking

Details: Face-to-Face Networking

Who is the ‘How to be a more effective and confident networker’ workshop for:

Business Owners, corporate professionals, sales individuals, business development,teams, Start-Up Entrepreneurs: Individuals who are either not confident about networking, or feel that they are not effective at it; and are looking for tools, tips to help them improve their networking skills, effectiveness of their interactions and to maximise on opportunities ‘Face-to-Face’ and online.

‘Networking’ as a skill is really important to acquire which can produce amazing connections, opportunities in work and your personal life. You  don’t have to be an extravert,  loud, or someone who is ‘out there’ to master these skills. This workshop  will show you simple, easy to implement techniques to help you cultivate confidence when you are out networking ‘face-to-face’ and online.

3hr Networking Workshop will cover:

• Learn the importance of gaining networking skills, the benefits to your business growth and how they can help with personal career goals.

• We will show you  how to source relevant networking events for your business.

• Learn what   networking is (…and what isn’t?) including networking ‘Face-To-Face’ and online   etiquette.  Including how to avoid common mistakes.

• We will share techniques on how you can create a powerful ‘first impression,’ not only in ‘Face-to-Face’ networking situations but also online.

•  We will show how to connect, engage and build ‘long term’ relationships.

• We will share a number of networking strategies, covering how to approach strangers and personal barriers which might be holding you back.

• Learn effective questioning techniques by understanding the 4 questioning zones. Including the importance of small talk and building rapour quickly with new introductions.

• We can show you how to be remembered for the right reasons. We will provide you with a checklist to ensure you are always prepared.

• As organisors  of hundreds of networking events, we can show you  how to maximise opportunities from every event you attend. And more importantly how to keep your brand in the minds of those you have met via your online activities, long after the networking event is over.

Booking onto Training Workshop:

We offer half day (3hr) /full day(6hr)  workshops to suite your requirements.

Individuals: If you have signed up to our newsletter you will receive dates, venues we will be holding the above workshop.

Corporate In House training: We can deliver this workshop at your premises: Cost will be dependent on location, whether you require half day /full day and number of attendees. Please forward the following information, clearly stating options and requirements for us to provide you an accurate  quote:

Dates, times you are considering for training workshops:

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