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Terms & Conditions

Attending Events

Attendee Belongings

Please note Headz Up Business or the venue at which the event is held are not responsible for your belongings. Therefore, it is the duty of the delegate to ensure that they take care of any belongings ie clothes, phones, equipment they bring to the event.

FREE entry ticket

Only entitles the delegate to FOC entry into the event. The delegate is responsible for any costs which would be incurred by the organisor. This status may not include costs for food & beverage. Please consult organisor prior to attending.


Please note that for any unforseen circumstances by the organisor, it may result in the cancellation of an event. Every effort will be made to contact the delegate prior. In the eventuality this is not possible the venue staff will inform delegates. Headz Up Business will contact all delegates at the earliest convenience and if possible arrange alternative dates.

Payment Terms & Cancellation

Networking Events

All payments for the networking events, unless stated ‘pay as you go’ at the door option, must be paid in full, prior to the event. Organisor’s have the right to refuse entry of non-payment.


All delegates attending networking events must sign in.


If you are unable to attend but would like to send someone in your place. It is important that you email over the details name, contact details to the organisor 24hrs prior to the event.

Booking of an event: If you are unable to attend and have paid via website please note the following cancellation policy:

  • Email Correspondence: Please ensure that attendance is confirmed via email, booked via booking platforms stated on emails and Headz Up Business website.
  • For 50% repayment, cancellations are required via email or writing 7 days prior to the event. Cancellations within 7 days of the event cannot be guaranteed a full refund.
  • Headz Up Business aims to reduce printing paper and with every correspondence will be done via email. Including receipts. Please ensure you have provided correct email contact details and unless specified otherwise all correspondence will be done via email.

Use of Photography, Recordings Film, Audio at Our Events

All our events are filmed and recorded for Headz Up Business marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be recorded please can you email/write to the organisor prior to the event stating that you do not wish to be filmed/photographed. Please note this may affect any seating booking arrangement in order to ensure that you are not captured on any footage on the day.


We are not liable for any advice, suggestions, endorsements, information provided by Keynote speakers, Exhibitors or Attendees at our events. As organisor’s of the event we provide a platform for companies, organisations, individuals to do business. It is your responsibility to do your own due diligence before engaging in any business with any individual and company at any business event.