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Women In Tech

Women In Tech


Women In Tech - Headz Up Business launches 2018 campaign to support, raise the profile of Women In Tech

If you are a 'Women In Tech' or Know any 'Women In Tech' please forward  details, outlining what services, products, area of expertise you have in Tech to the following email address. We are looking for 'Women In Tech' for our Q & A panels, blogs and to involve in initiatives throughout the year, read more or for more information please feel free to email us on mailto:enquiries@headzupbusiness.co.uk

Women In Tech, Women In Business

Friday 27th April 2018 - Q & A Panel : Confirmed Women In Tech Speaker

Women In Business Networking session, including a 'Women In Tech' panel session. Event supporting Black Country Festival run in association with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce. Further details, and full line-up of speakers Read More Here 

Tracy Pound, participated in Women in Business Session  hosted by Pushpa Alexander,  Headz Up Business Discussion & Debate  Q & A Speaker Panel : #headzupbusiness #WomenInBusiness  #PowerHouse #EngineOfGrowth 

Tracy is the founder, Director of Maximity,   she is an International  speaker and travels around the world, she works with some of the world’s leading IT companies.

Tracy was appointed in 2005 to CompTIA's Board of Directors, voted Woman of the Year 2016 by PCR, the UK trade magazine for the computer and IT industry, and voted one of the top 50 women in technology in their surveys for 2014, 2015.  Tracy Pound, has successfully completed large scale infrastructure projects, is a published author of IT industry standards and has appeared on TV, for more information on her profile please click here

Rachel Maclean - Women in Business Session hosted by Pushpa Alexander, Headz Up Business Discussion & Debate

Rachel Maclean - Co-Founder Packt Publishing and COO JoinAir

Rachel Maclean participated in the Women in Business Session  hosted by Pushpa Alexander,  Headz Up Business Discussion & Debate  Q & A Speaker Panel : #headzupbusiness #WomenInBusiness  #PowerHouse #EngineOfGrowth 

Rachel Maclean is the Co-founder Packt Publishing, which is now the UK’s leading technology publisher; and has led HR and sales teams in many companies globally.

Rachael started JoinAir, an HR software, to help small businesses and entrepreneurs build better workplaces with happier employees. Rachel is a HR, people, and management expert with 25+ years  experience in high growth businesses Keynote speaker and thought leader on the future of work and has appeared at conferences including Disrupt HR and Innovation Nation: Media appearances include BBC TV and Radio, the Guardian, the Independent and the Economist.