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Women’s Blog

Women’s Blog

Natalie Brown, creator of 'Time With Natalie', Lifestyle Channel

Natalie Brown, participated in the Women in Business Session  hosted by Pushpa Alexander,  Headz Up Business Discussion & Debate  Q & A Speaker Panel : #headzupbusiness #WomenInBusiness  #PowerHouse #EngineOfGrowth 

Natalie Brown is a woman on a mission to motivate, inspire and uplift women globally!

As the creator of Time With Natalie, an online You Tube lifestyle channel aimed at motivating and inspiring women, Natalie has interviewed self-made millionaires and celebrities with her most prestigious guests being Stedman Graham (partner of Oprah Winfrey), Sir Richard Branson, Les Brown and more.

She spent 10 years working in the finance sector in London but then moved on to build a property portfolio worth over £1 million with homes in the UK and overseas (Cape Verde).

She loves to create strong networks and forums for women to have a voice and is the creator of inspirational events that have been featured in Oprah magazine and Marie Claire.

Giving back is her motto and with this in mind Natalie regularly works alongside charities to raise money including; Breast Cancer Awareness, The Prince’s Trust and MIND.

Her dream is to support women in achieving their goals and inspire them to be bold, brave and beautiful.

Sarah Moore, Owner Flexible Minds - Recruitment Agency specialising in Part-Time and Flexible Work

Sarah Moore, participated in the 'Women in Business Session'  hosted by Pushpa Alexander,  Headz Up Business, Discussion & Debate  Q & A Speaker Panel : #headzupbusiness #WomenInBusiness  #PowerHouse #EngineOfGrowth 

Sarah Moore is the owner of Flexible Minds, a Recruitment agency specialising in part time and flexible work opportunities for professionals in the Midlands. 

Sarah graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BSc in Psychology and began her sales career working for Countrywide, the UK's largest and most successful estate agency and property services. Throughout her career she has held various sales and operational management roles working within the recruitment industry, property industry and prior to setting up Flexible Minds she was the Chief Executive for the charity Relate in Worcestershire.

For her dissertation she researched working mothers and the common place issue of mothers needing to occupationally downgrade (needing to take a reduction in responsibility, status or salary) if wanting to work part time and the impact of this on their wellbeing.

There are many reasons why individuals (not just mums!) may want to work on a part time or flexible basis. Flexible Minds brings together talented people who are looking for rewarding and fulfilling jobs with progressive and insightful employers who value the talent someone has, not just whether they can be at their desk for the standard 9 to 5. Flexible workers offer many benefits to employers and Sarah is passionate about finding the right roles in the right companies for the right people.

“Talent not time, is her mantra!”




Merisha Stevenson, BBC Broadcaster/ Financial Style Radio Producer and Co-Founder of Adroit

Merisha Stevenson,  participated in the 'Women in Business Session'  hosted by Pushpa Alexander,  Headz Up Business Discussion & Debate  Q & A Speaker Panel : #headzupbusiness #WomenInBusiness  #PowerHouse #EngineOfGrowth 

Merisha is a BBC Broadcaster/ Financial Style Radio producer and Co-Founder of ADROIT : Merisha is an award-winning entrepreneur, strategist, speaker, broadcaster and BBC producer.

Holds many directorships including Midlands Director for Women Speakers Association and Business and Contract Resolutions Ltd. She also recently co-founded ADROIT Coding Network LLP, a training company providing coding boot-camps and is a member of the Diversity in Tech group for Silicon Canal.

Merisha writes for In The City Magazine. Producing and presenting the Financial Style Radio Show on community radio station, New Style Radio 98.7 for the last 10 years. Merisha Stevenson knows business and her mantra is, 'Your Mind-Set is Your Economy'.

Through her range of workshops, seminars and shows she is committed to using her experience to champion Women in Leadership and Governance, and assist her clients to achieve Wealth Creation, Management and Develop Strategies for Financial Freedom.

Over the last decade, Merisha with her businesses and partners, have been responsible for delivering over 5000 qualifications; several hundred workshops and bespoke training events to individuals and businesses; business support to over 1000 entrepreneurs and SME’s and supported the growth and change management of organisations with combined turnover of over £200m.



Beverley Nielsen, candidate for West Midlands Metro Mayor 2017

Beverley Nielsen, candidate for West Midlands Metro Mayor 2017, took part as one of the 11 business women on the 'Women In Business,' Discussion and Debate, Q & A panel at Edgbaston Cricket Ground hosted by Pushpa Alexander, founder Headz Up Business in March 2017.